Umbilicals & Flying Leads

At the Stord facility in Norway, UNITECH offers:

  • Flying lead and umbilical manufacturing with short turnaround times
  • Termination of UNITECH or third party connectors, couplers or assemblies to our Umbilical
  • Fully tested flying leads (according to ISO 13628-5) with terminations delivered on installation reels with client specific interfaces.

Typical manufacture and test of hydraulic flying leads (HFLs) can be completed as quickly as 8 to 10 weeks. The adaptability of production facilities at the Stord facility allows us to provide a quicker turnaround. We hold tubes in stock enabling bundling and extrusion in four days.

The UNITECH Stord production facility comprises:

  • Vertical Bundling facility and extrusion line built in 2012
  • Flexible manufacturing configurations up to 18 tubes with second pass possibility
  • Siemens fully automated Control System for accurate control and logging – speed, back twist and lay length
  • Direct deepwater shipping access
  • Subsea production, gas lift, service and control lines
  • Complete production facility with own extrusion line for the outer sheet
  • Electrical and Fiber optic lines can be incorporated.

Umbilical / Flying Lead Engineering

The UNITECH team includes experienced cable makers and design experts. All design work for HFLs and umbilical is available in-house using Umbilicad software. We work closely with Ultra Deep™ Engineering on VIV analysis, Crushing analysis (FEM) and Installation analysis.

The UNITECH Stord facility includes comprehensive configuration and test facilities:

  • Materials Test Centre
  • Test pit for ROV simulation and submerged testing
  • Direct deep-water shipping access
  • Heavy duty lifting equipment
  • Installation equipment.

Single Source Solutions

UNITECH offers Single Source Solutions including configuration of flying leads with UNITECH MQC stab plates and connectors, and third party connectors. This has significant cost and project deployment advantages. For more information visit ‘Single Source Solutions’.